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  1. MyAionServer46_PATCH_RU.rar does not contain Updater.exe。For those of us in non-Russian regions, downloading the entire file will take a long long long long time。
  2. Will water and 100% be added to the store? Is the 81 base difficulty modified? When does the character migration start? Is it the entire account or a separate role?
  3. So where is this server different? When will it announce its special features?
  4. I don't know what the new server looks like, but it is very inconvenient for Chinese people to play this server. As we all know, the Chinese are very willing to spend money on games. You need a recharge agent to give him some rewards, and he will bring you many customers.
  5. Is this event over? Why did I fill out the form a few days ago but did not receive the item?
  6. Do you know the word "巨婴" in Chinese? It means that although it is an adult, the mind still stays in the infant stage, a very immature person. Sadh is for newcomers to get ap and read the difficult places, not where you big people play. My suggestion is not to change. The winning side gets 100% AP and the losing side 75%. I understand the tension that everyone is locked in at home. Everyone needs to vent their emotions.The next event is proposed to be held in Kataram, 71-89, full of battles everywhere.
  7. 去sadh的人是为了ap而不是gp,他是为了帮助新人快速获得他们的技能石头而已。而且老玩家给装备镶嵌石头时成功率太低的问题,要不多点辅助剂,要不就提高成功率。新玩家不来,老玩家厌烦。游戏不是金钱,无法做到人人喜欢。大家都需要时间来做其他的事情。我知道服务器开放时候说过不卖辅助剂之类的,那建议做一个奖励计划,以辅助剂、水作为奖励,让老玩家带他们的朋友来玩,既能增加在线人数,又能创造收益。
  8. 非常赞成这个决定,可以纠正我们之前没有选择asmo的错误。我和我朋友都希望成为asmo。We like hard mode!
  9. 我想要黑色或白色的小鸡,,非常可爱的小鸡。一种坐骑,可爱的让人无法抗拒。
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