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  1. дер Finally, the BOSS blood volume is really too high, which is very time-consuming! We suggest to cancel the GP directly to get the reward, this may be normal
  2. In Tianzu I have an account to transfer. Looking forward to this service
  3. Thanks for the hard work of the administrator!But we can't understand it at all ~~~~ Looking forward to the English version Thank you
  4. Will the server always stay at version 4.6?
  5. Dear administrator, do you have any communication tools?
  6. Hello there. Dear administrator. I want to know if our experience and burst rate after the server is officially opened are the same as the current test server? TY
  7. Can you increase the upgrade speed for some items in the test phase?
  8. Can the background music in the battle be changed?
  9. The server was officially opened on March 20th at 18:00 Moscow time, right?
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